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Luxury Cakes

At Shruti's cake addiction we harness the power of taste and explore edible art to make luxury cakes that spark joy and celebrate human connection.

My cakes have gained a reputation of having exquisite style and exceptional flavor in equal measure.

You can be sure to get a meticulously and passionately worked piece of art giving your special occasion the best center piece.

I have years of experience working with clients in the USA and India and have delivered the most lavish and delicious cakes/desserts.

I am an award winning internationally acclaimed cake artist.

Gumpaste magnolia

Learn Edible Cake Art

Shruti's Cake Addiction strives to excel at the art of giving life to edible medium by which one can make the most realistic decorative articles using different kind of edible mediums available.


Connect with me to learn and know how.

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